19,000 4-hers across montana

4-H is a diverse community of young people across Montana, the US and the world committed to learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.

4,000 certified volunteers

4-H projects and activities rely on trained volunteers to provide leadership and work with youth as partners in learning.

200 4-H projects and other research based curriculum

4-H’ers participate in hands-on learning experience building knowledge and life skills that contribute to lifelong success.

in 56 counties and 7 reservations

Montana State University Extension delivers quality youth development programs in all 56 counties and 7 reservations across Montana, actively engaging communities in life-long learning.

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Montana 4-H is the youth development program of Montana State University Extension. 4-H is the largest, out-of-school youth development program in the state, reaching nearly 20,000 youth in all 56 counties each year. In 4-H, if you can dream it, you can do it! 4-H offers more than 200 different projects and learning experiences that actively engage youth while having fun. 4-H projects rely on trained adult volunteers who work with youth as partners and a resource for hands-on learning. From learning how to cook or sew, to raising an animal, conservation and robotics. 4-H offers youth a wide range of choices and opportunities for them to learn and grow. 

4-Hers Master Valuable Communication Skills

list of 4-H communication skills, Presentation Skills Expressing Ideas Listening Talking to Adults Public Speaking

Communication is a cornerstone of all 4-H programming. 4-H members practice skills like public speaking, presentation and expressing a point of view as club members, in their project work and a variety of other 4-H activities like demonstrations. 

 "because of 4-H I am a more confident prsenter" a quote from a 15 year old 4-Her.

Results of the Montana 4-H Communication Survey included responses from 203
4-H members who ranged in age from 8 years old to 19.  Respondents indicated their self-assessed ability on eight statements.  A majority of respondents indicated an increased ability after participating in 4-H in each of the statements.

  • Of the respondents, 70.44% indicated improvement in knowing how to prepare a presentation from beginning to end after participating in 4-H.
  • After participation in 4-H, 66.01% assessed themselves as more willing to speak in front of groups while 65.02% reported they were better at answering questions about their topic or ideas.
  • Over 53.69% felt they were better at making sure to listen to what the other person is saying before they talk.
  • Over half (50.74%) indicated being more comfortable expressing their ideas in writing.
  • Those who reported improvement in maintaining eye contact when communicating numbered 60.1% of the respondents.
  • Over half (54.19%) felt 4-H helped them in better expressing themselves to others.
  • When speaking with adults, 64.04% of the 4-Hers indicated feeling more comfortable. 


4‑H Programs Attract Youth to STEM

4‑H STEM programs are proven to get kids excited about science by offering fun, hands-on activities which builds confidence and fosters interest in STEM-related careers.

STEM infographic 44-H Research and Statistics