4-H is made possible through the outstanding support of adults who provide their time, resources and support to improve the lives of Montana 4-H youth and strive to constantly make the best better. Through the following award categories, Montana 4-H recognizes outstanding contributions of volunteer leaders, staff and alumni at the county and state levels.  All awards are presented Montana 4-H Leadership Forum in the fall or another statewide event.

Award Categories 

The Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development recognizes individuals from each 4-H District in two award categories:  

  1. The Outstanding LifetimeVolunteer recognizes individuals who have served as 4-H volunteers for more than 10 years.
  2. The Volunteer of the Year recognizes individuals who have served as 4-H volunteers for less than 10 years. 

Each county may nominate one volunteer per category. These individuals have made an innovative change or impact on the 4-H program, positively affecting the lives of youth, and creating a standard of excellence that helps motivate others.  Recipients will receive a cash award for a 4-H program, activity or event of their choice. 

Two letters of recommendation are required.  Recipients serve as the pool to select the Montana 4-H Salute to Excellence nominees. 

The Montana 4-H Foundation honors individuals such as community leaders, alumni, former or current directors or former or current staff for their outstanding lifetime efforts to generate opportunities for 4-H youth by giving, volunteering or community support of 4-H.  Recipients will receive an individual plaque as well as included on historical plaque with the Montana 4-H Foundation.  A letter of support from the county 4-H council or Extension Agent is required.

The Montana 4-H Foundation recognizes 4-H alumni who have made a significant impact on 4-H by promoting, supporting and enhancing the benefits of youth and adult involvement in the program or a specific 4-H project area.  Recipients will receive a plaque.  A letter of support from the county 4-H council or Extension Agent is required.

Nomination Guidelines

Each county may nominate one individual for each category to be considered for awards.  Nominees may qualify for more than one category.  Priority consideration will be given to volunteers who have not received a statewide award within the last five years.

Adult Award Nomination forms are due May 1
Please mail complete nomination forms to: 
Kelton Jensen 210 Taylor Hall, PO Box 173580, Bozeman, MT 59717 
Or e-mail: keltonjensen@montana.edu

Applicants will be reviewed by a committee which may consist of members or staff of the Montana 4-H Foundation, Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development, MSU Extension Agents, 4-H volunteers or 4-H youth.