Teen Leader & Ambassador FALL training event will be postponed in its traditional face to face form to Fall October 22-24, 2021 in Billings MT.

In its place will be similar opportunities to practice leadership skills, network with peers and have some fun together. All of this will be called the Montana 4-H Leadership Academy and will begin virtually via Zoom Saturday October 17, 2020 3-5 PM. 

Montana 4-H Leadership Academy 

Members 12+, 4-H Age | County Ambassadors 14+, 4-H Age

Statewide opportunity to build a network of 4-H teen leaders across Montana and connect them directly with State Ambassador Officer Team and statewide resources in order to develop capacity for individual leadership skills and practice these leadership skills at the local level. 

The need to overcome the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed us to think outside the box and offer an opportunity for Montana 4-H'ers interested in further developing their leadership skills along side their peers from across Montana.

The leadership academy will take the energy and engagement found at Teen Leader & Ambassador Fall Training events and stretch it out over 10 months! This also allows the opportunity for more scheduled interaction with the ambassador officer team, meaningful responsibility for county ambassadors and accountability for leadership at the local level where it is needed. 

Join the Montana 4-H Ambassador Officer Team for the LEADERSHIP LAUNCH!

Saturday October 17 from 3-5 PM
for a Montana 4-H Leadership Academy Introduction and kick off featuring Keynote speaker and leadership expert Kent Julian


thumbnail size image of speaker Kent Julian

Counties are encouraged to schedule a local face to face event and engage in the statewide virtual event together. 

This will begin building your core group of ambassadors, teen leaders and members interested in developing leadership skills and serving their communities.

What will be included?

  • Introductions of the 2020-2021 Montana 4-H Ambassador Officer team and how they plan to serve Montana 4-H this year. 
  • Engage with national leadership development speaker Kent Julian and how he is working with youth from across the country to determine "What does this make possible!"
  • Learn more about monthly scheduled leadership workshops and activities.
  • Learn more about and register for the County Ambassador Training program. 
  • Begin to answer the question, "What does this make possible in my county!"

 Leadership Academy Monthly Workshops

There will be future registration for these monthly virtual workshops and members will be expected to attend as many as possible. County Leadership groups are expected to meet face to face whenever possible and engage in the virtual state wide workshop together. This time can be viewed as a leadership club meeting. County ambassadors will be expected, with training, to plan and facilitate these local workshop meetings. The following agenda is currently being planned and the dates are subject to change. 


Knowing Yourself & Setting Goals 

What kind of leader are you? What is important to you? What do you want to work to make happen in your community?


Planning & Promotion 

What does your community need? How can you make this happen? Who will be involved? How will you let people know what is going on and why?



How can you share what is important to you with others? What do legislators and local policy makers need to know about 4-H? 



What is an audience? What is a workshop? How do I use my skills to teach others?



Still thinking about the right topic for this month.


Service & Recognition

What can I do to serve my community? How can I inspire others to serve the community? How can people be recognized? 



What is 4-H? Where can we tell people about it? Why is this important for my community?



What have I have accomplished or not? What have we accomplished or not? What is next and why?

 Questions? Feel free to reach out to Brett Schomer, bschomer@montana.edu or any of the Montana 4-H Ambassador Officers