Montana 4-H Congress
July 12-15, 2017 . MSU Bozeman

All workshops will take place on Friday July 14, 2017. Workshops will be offered Both Session 1 and Session 2 unless otherwise noted. Printer Friendly Version

Last Updated: 5/2/2017

Archaeology 101: Can You Dig It?

Bekah Schields, Project Archaeology

This workshop will be a combination of lecture and interactive/hands-on activities. Participants will learn about archaeology and potential archaeology related careers in a lecture format. This will be followed by several hands-on activities. Participants will be archaeologists and analyze modern food remains and other garbage to learn about the people who threw it away. Each group will have a set of trash and a data collection sheet to record their observations, inferences, and evidence. After they have completed their analysis they can share their story about the people who used the trash can. Participants will then head outside to learn about different archaeological methods, including survey and excavation. These will include, walking survey lines and flagging, placing excavation grids, and the use of line levels and plumb bobs. A wrap up activity will present archaeology career paths and encourage participants to visit local archaeological sites and get involved in preserving our past.

Animal Science Extravaganza

Dr. Rachel Endecott and Phil Merta, Montana State University

Same great workshop, new quiz bowl! Want to test your animal science knowledge and learn about livestock nutrition research? This workshop will consist of an animal science quiz bowl contest on campus and a rumen diving session at the BART Farm. Attendees will participate in teams of 4 in the quiz bowl in a single‐elimination tournament and also have the opportunity to rumen dive after a demonstration and presentation utilizing a cannulated cow. Quiz bowl teams will be created on‐site, no need to find teammates to register!

Building Unity, Community and Connection

Dr. Jim Cain, Author and Team Building Expert

Based on the content of Jim’s latest book comes this amazing collection of activities that build unity, community & connection in active, engaging, memorable, effective and fun ways! The world’s best icebreakers & so much more!

Design Thinking: Problem Solving for Life

Matthew Griffin, MSU Makerspace Lab

This will be a highly interactive, hands- on workshop utilizing handouts to guide students through a generic, but extremely adaptable design process that can be used to solve virtually any problem. Being able to solve problems fits very nicely into the life skills category.

Fly Tying

Scott Francis, 4-H Outdoor Coordinator
(Session 2 Only)

The program presentation will be on interactive, hands-on experience for the participants. There will be an introduction to the supplies and equipment used in fly-tying. They will then have the opportunity to tie 2 or 3 flies. They will be able to take them home and try them for themselves. Participants will also have the opportunity to tour and learn about the Fish Technology Center.

How to Fund Your 4-H Project

Shannon Arnold and Dustin Perry, MSU Division of Agriculture Education
Session 1 Only

This interactive workshop will educate youth about Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs and services, with specific emphasis on youth agricultural loans.  Youth will engage in completing a loan application and learn to use an app that can assist in 4-H project record keeping.  Youth will be given the FSA youth loan application, links to potential record keeping apps, and agricultural career information.  The goal of the workshop is to educate youth and adults about agricultural programs that support best production and financial practices.

Keeping Your Pigs Healthy

David Madsen, Swine Outreach Coordinator for Montana Board of Livestock
Session 2 Only

Description Coming Soon

Let the Games Begin

Session 1 Only

Practice your endurance, your hand/eye coordination, and awareness of your surroundings by playing and learning about traditional games - double ball, ring games, hoop and arrow, and more. This is a fun and highly interactive workshop.

Mid-Level Video Recording and Editing – Getting the Best Out of Your Movies

James Joyce, Assistant Professor at Montana State University and professional director

With cameras serving as video cameras, everyone thinks that are a filmmaker. By shaping audiences’ expectations—and then paying off dividends—allows people to make projects that scream! Come learn how to make your film better!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Practicing Interview Skills and Resume Building

Mandie Reed. MSU Wheatland County Extension

Description Coming Soon

STEM Challenge

Kelton Jenson and Mary Meyer, MSU Extension

If you are interested in learning more about the future statewide 4-H STEM contest, this workshop is for you.  Using a variety of different skills including an interest in robotics, problem solving, presentation and teamwork participants will have an opportunity to test out different components of this competitive event. A variety of different robotic techniques and supplies will be available to solve team problems and see what comes out on top.

Television Production Basics with Montana PBS

Communications and Public Affairs…Upper Level Visual Communications Building
Part 1 &2, both sessions

Participants in this two part workshop will work hands‐on to create a mock television news production. Filling the roles of director, technical director, camera operator, audio mixer, stage manager, and on‐camera talent, participants will work with a variety of broadcast TV production equipment to learn what goes on behind the scenes to create television programming.

Travel Around the World with IPYA

Session 2 Only

Learn about other cultures through dance, games, and more when you take this workshop. Young adults from eight countries will be on hand to teach you about their homelands - it's fun and interactive!

Using DNA to Improve Livestock Production

Dr. Jennifer Thomson, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics in Department of Animal and Range Sciences at Montana State University

This workshop explores how DNA information is being used to improve genetic evaluation in livestock including a hands on exercise in extracting DNA from the cattle thymus gland, a discussion on genetic technology and exercises in how to read and use genetic evaluation data to make breeding decisions.

Western Heritage Project

Todd Kesner, MT 4‐H Center for Youth Development
Session 1 Only

Experience a slice of the Old West by shooting period firearms and learning the fun of participatory living history. This workshop is an introduction of the 4‐H Western Heritage Project, where 4‐H members become a persona of frontier America and compete with historic firearms of the Old West. Firearms, ammunition, and safety equipment is provided (but you may bring your own safety glasses and ear protection if you have it). Each participant will have an opportunity to shoot against the clock while learning a little American history along the way.

Wildlife Identification and Conservation

Scott Francis, 4-H Outdoor Coordinator
Session 1 Only

This workshop will comprise of lecture, hands-on activities, and interactive discussions. The participants will be given handouts on wildlife and conservation. The components will be wildlife ID, Boone and Crockett scoring and North American model of conservation.

What Makes Towne’s Harvest Farm Work

Mac Burgess, Assistant Professor Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology
Session 2 Only

Description Coming Soon

Yes UKE Can! A Ukulele Crash Course

Marla Goodman, Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret

Learn how to play the ukulele!  You’ll be playing and writing songs by the end of this exciting workshop. We will learn the parts of the ukulele, how to tune it, and how to press and strum the strings. By the end of the first hour, we will be playing easy songs. In the second hour, we will learn to read chord diagrams, master another chord and play some folk songs. In the last hour, we'll examine the familiar "blues" rhyming pattern and break into small groups to compose verses to "The 4‐H Blues." Finally, we'll perform together, taking turns singing our original verses. Handouts include a chord chart, songs we played, tips on purchasing a ukulele and where to learn more. Ukuleles will be provided, but please let us know if you can bring your own (soprano or tenor ukes only) – this will allow for more people to participate!  New participants only–DO NOT sign up if you took this workshop last year.