Montana 4-H Congress
July 12-13, 2018 . MSU Bozeman

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Last Updated: 5/9/2018
Available during both Morning and Afternoon Sessions:

Archaeology 101: Can You Dig It?

Hannah Ludlow, Project Archaeology

“Archaeology 101: Can You Dig It?” introduces students to the wide world of archaeology! Learn how archaeologists study the past by creating an excavation grid and walking survey lines. Analyze modern garbage remains to learn about the people who lived in these places. Use context, classification, evidence, and inference to discover clues and understand the story of the past. Explore future career paths in archaeology!

Yes UKE Can! A Ukulele Crash Course

Marla Goodman, Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret

Learn how to play the ukulele!  You’ll be playing and writing songs by the end of this exciting workshop. We will learn the parts of the ukulele, how to tune it, and how to press and strum the strings. By the end of the first hour, we will be playing easy songs. In the second hour, we will learn to read chord diagrams, master another chord and play some folk songs. In the last hour, we'll examine the familiar "blues" rhyming pattern and break into small groups to compose verses to "The 4‐H Blues." Finally, we'll perform together, taking turns singing our original verses. Handouts include a chord chart, songs we played, tips on purchasing a ukulele and where to learn more. Ukuleles will be provided, but please let us know if you can bring your own (soprano or tenor ukes only) – this will allow for more people to participate!  New participants only – DO NOT sign up if you took this workshop last year.

Are you Ready? An Introduction to Emergency Preparedness

Jay Schomer, MyPI Instructor

An introduction to the MyPI activities being used in some Montana counties and states around the country to teach youth how to be active participants in the emergency preparedness of their own homes and communities. Learn and share priceless skills on how to prepare your community, your family and yourself for emergencies of all kinds.

What Makes Towne’s Harvest Farm Work

Mac Burgess, Assistant Professor Plant Science & Plant Pathalogy & Townes' Harvest Staff

The Towne's Harvest Garden is a three-acre diversified vegetable and educational research farm supporting a student-run, community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. Towne's Harvest Garden promotes learning about food production, the value of eating and supporting local foods, community building, and individual empowerment. The Garden is named after the Towne family, one of the original homesteaders in the beautiful Gallatin Valley. It is certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture.

What is water quality all about?

Adam Sigler & Gretechen Williams

This workshop will involve a walking tour of Mandeville Creek, the stream that runs through campus. We will stop at stations along the creek to discuss different themes, such as why sediment sampling is important. We will also discuss considerations for livestock and human drinking water; this will involve tasting different water samples and interpreting lab test results

Livestock Evaluation and Nutrition

Hanna DelCurto, Department of Animal & Range Sciences

Practice and build your livestock evaluation skills to help you in your future projects and judging. Not sure what its all about? This is your chance to learn all of the details about livestock evaluation. Also, learn basic components of ruminant nutrition. Proper step-up programs and the importance of feeding microbial colonies in the rumen will be discussed. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to see the actual rumen environment via cannulated cows.

Wildlife & Dirt: Discovering Our Natural Resources

Domonique Woodman, MSU Extension Gallatin County Agent

Wildlife! Dirt! Water and plants- oh my! Have you ever been curious about the natural world around you? Do you enjoy being outside? Do you like working and learning with a group of like-minded people? Then come join the Introduction to Natural Resources Mini Camp at this year’s 4-H Congress in Bozeman, MT! 20 students will get to travel to an outdoor field site where they will rotate between activity stations learning about various unique aspects of the natural world! Please come prepared for the weather!

Create a Career Track to Go the Distance

MSU Career & Internship Services

Are you beginning to wonder what you future holds? What will you do with all this knowledge and passion you have gained through 4-H? Through hands on activities learn about career development, internship and employment opportunities that will bridge the gap between current and future plans.

Biotechnology: The Case of Plant Viruses

Dr. Irene Grimberg, Montana State University

Plant diseases produced by viruses threaten our food security and have a significant negative economical impact for agricultural producers and consumers. Understanding the way viruses spread and the conditions that favor virus transmission, how viruses reproduce, and virus detection techniques are some of the important problems we try to solve at MSU’s College of Agriculture. In this workshop participants will be exposed to these astonishing ideas and research!

Available during the morning session ONLY:

Western Heritage Project

Todd Kesner, MT 4‐H Center for Youth Development

Experience a slice of the Old West by shooting period firearms and learning the fun of participatory living history. This workshop is an introduction of the 4‐H Western Heritage Project, where 4‐H members become a persona of frontier America and compete with historic firearms of the Old West. Firearms, ammunition, and safety equipment is provided (but you may bring your own safety glasses and ear protection if you have it). Each participant will have an opportunity to shoot against the clock while learning a little American history along the way.

Bobcat Den: Youth Entrepreneurship

Mandie Reed, Nikki Bailey, Roni Baker and Roubie Younkin, MSU Extension Faculty

This hands on, fast paced workshop with introduce participants to entrepreneurial principles through fun games and group activities.  It will also provide participants with an opportunity to brainstorm, develop and receive feedback on business idea they may have considered.

Fly Tying

Larry Hickethier

The program presentation will be on interactive, hands-on experience for the participants. There will be an introduction to the supplies and equipment used in fly-tying. They will then have the opportunity to tie 2 or 3 flies. They will be able to take them home and try them for themselves.

Let the Games begin

Brenda Richey & Paul Phillips, Flathead Reservation

Practice your endurance, your hand/eye coordination, and awareness of your surroundings by playing and learning about traditional Native American games - double ball, ring games, hoop and arrow, and more. This is a fun and highly interactive workshop. 

Available During the Afternoon Session ONLY:

Wildlife Management and Conservation

Andrea Jones, Fish Wildlife and Parks  

This workshop will comprise of lecture, hands-on activities, and interactive discussions. The participants will be given handouts on wildlife and conservation. The components will be wildlife ID, Boone and crockett scoring and North American model of conservation.

Around the World with IPYA

Stephanie Davison and IPYA students

Learn about other cultures through dance, games, and more when you take this workshop. Young adults from eight countries will be on hand to teach you about their homelands - it's fun and interactive!

Noxious Weeds 101

Jane Mangold, Shantell Frame-Martin, Stacey Davis, Audrey Harvey, Noelle Orloff of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Calling all plant lovers! If you've ever been curious about the identity of an unknown plant you've seen growing in the field or wondered what is the difference between a noxious weed and an obnoxious weed? Then this workshop is for you. This workshop will help you to become a plant identification expert, particularly for undesired weedy plants that threaten Montana agriculture and native plants and wildlife.  

Conversations that Could Save Lives

Josie Evenson, MSU Extension Richland County Agent  

This workshop will train attendees on a popular suicide prevention method, as well as to discuss how to work towards understanding and having overall better mental health. Information provided in this hands-on, discussion based workshop will be beneficial for, their family and friends.