// July 11-13, 2021 // MSU Bozeman

Pre-Congress occurs the two days before Congress. 4-H Ambassadors, teen leaders and staff come together with 4-H center staff for work and fun. Attendees work as leaders in groups to insure the completion of all the details necessary to make the general Congress event successful. Also occurring during this weekend, is the selection process for the State 4-H Ambassador Officers.

Individuals interested in attending Pre-Congress weekend MUST actively participate in a Congress committee of their choice prior to and during Pre-Congress weekend. First priority will go to senior members that have attended Montana 4-H Congress. However, Ambassadors, Extension staff and motivated teen leaders and youth are encouraged to attend.


There is a $80 housing fee for all youth participants and a $50 fee for adult chaperones (two nights lodging). All other expenses are paid for by the Montana 4-H Congress and Ambassador program. We appreciate adult chaperones making the time to attend pre-congress and help provide this valuable leadership experience the cost has been decreased to show appreciation. We will also make every effort to give adults a single dorm room during pre-congress.  

Register for Pre-Congress is through ZSUITES and will be in conjunction with regular congress registration. When registering for congress select the pre congress button to add additional registration info.  Please contact your County MSU Extension office for more information about representing your county at pre-congress. Participants will need to complete the registration by June 15 with the $80.00 youth/$50.00 youth housing fee. 

Pre-Congress Leadership Opportunities

Please read these carefully prior to registration. You will be asked to select a 1st and second choice leadership role during registration and asked why you have chosen that role. 

Cabin Leaders (10 youth positions and 2 adult positions)

Attendees will be broken into cabin groups to participate in camp themed activities throughout congress. Cabin leaders will be paired with one state officer to plan and lead games and activities with these groups. Cabin leaders should:

  • Enjoy engaging large groups of peers
  • Leading games and activities, including giving directions
  • Are energetic and flexible

App and Promotion Leaders (4 youth positions and 1 adult positions)

A fun part of Montana 4-H congress is for attendees to engage with each other via social media and the Whova app. The app and promotion leaders will be responsible for planning participation contest, giving door prizes and posting on social media and the event app.

  • Basic understand of social media and technology.
  • Ability to be creative about engaging congress attendees in social media and participation.
  • Interested in planning promotional activities like door prize contests and photo contest.

Program Leaders (6 youth positions and 1 adult position)

Program Leaders will be responsible for working with Congress staff and volunteers to organize, write and emcee congress all group sessions.

  • Comfortable with public speaking to a large crowd.
  • Interested in creatively writing scripts to present awards and recognition.
  • Work well with staff and peers to present a professional, yet engaging program to attendees and guests.

Event Leaders  (4 youth positions and 2 volunteer positions)

  • Good organizational skills.
  • Prepared to do some moving of boxes and decorations.
  • Enjoys working with a team to complete tasks
  • Creativity is a plus.

Technology Leaders (4 youth positions and 1 adult position)

  • Strong understanding of technology including sound, lights, video and presentation platforms.
  • Take direction from technology staff.
  • Work well with team members to present congress programs.
  • Creativity and organizational skills are a plus

Officer Selection Committee (8 positions)

Serving on the State Officer Selection Committee. Checking this box does not automatically placeyou on the committee. There is an application to be considered to serve as your district representative.

Ambassador Officer Team

Running for a State Ambassador Officer position. If you are planning to run for a state office you must also register for pre congress but you do not need to select an additional leadership role. 

Expectations & Responsibilities for Pre-Congress

Thank you for your interest in Pre-Congress weekend. Pre-Congress is a work session and an opportunity for Ambassadors, Teen Leaders and volunteers to pull together the final details that will make this year's Congress a success.

There is a lot to get done and the following expectations need to be respected: These are in addition to the code of conduct signed as a 4-H member.

  • Committees have been created to complete important congress presentations and should be taken seriously. Including respecting the scheduled work times and arriving on-time for committee work.

  • Being sure skits, scripts and programing MUST be kept appropriate for the audience. Committees agree to present a polished and professional program.

  • Stay within designated Congress areas on campus, including and respecting the authority of volunteers and staff. Remember to set a good example while on campus because attending Pre‐Congress is a privilege!