Most of the 2020 Virtual Contests will be using the virtual meeting platform Webex for live presentations to judges via a Webex meeting room. The follwoing tutorials will help prepare prior to the contest. 


Follow the instruction on this page to Join a Test Meeting


If you are using a desktop or laptop computer make sure you have an internal or external webcam for video and a mic for audio. Most external webcams will have a built in mic. Make sure to test your audio in the test meeting to be sure you select the correct mic. 

You can also plan to use a smartphone or device by downloading the WebEx app.  Apple Store Preview / Google Play

If you need assistance with hardware for the Webex interview please contact your MSU Extension office PRIOR to the contest or contact the contest chairperson for alternatives.

This article also explains the different ways to join a webex meeting.

When to Join the Meeting

Contestants should join the meeting at their scheduled interview time. This is provided by the contest chair, usually by email. Once joining the meeting you will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the judges are ready and you will be admitted to the meeting room.

Where to Setup

Prior to your contest, think about where the best place in your house or at the Extension office might be. You want a quiet place with limited outside sound or people walking around. You also want to try to find a place with a background that is not distracting so the judges can focus on you.

Take some time in the test meeting to see how your meeting location looks on camera. Is the light ok? Is the sound ok? Do you have enough space? You can even practice your entire presentation in the test meeting.