Montana 4-H Congress / July 9-12, 2019 / MSU Bozeman

All workshops will take place on Thursday July 11, 2019.  Printer Friendly Version / Last Updated 6/5/2019

Available during both Morning and Afternoon Sessions:

Alpaca 101

Sentinel Alpaca Ranch

Visit and learn about Alpaca Land. Participants will have an opportunity o learn in a hands on environment about raising alpacas, Live shearing, fiber and applications, alpaca judging and evaluation as well as running an alpaca business. Everything you could ever want to know about alpacas in one session.

Around the World with IPYA

Stephanie Davison and IPYA students

Always a Congress favorite…Learn about other cultures through dance, games, and more when you take this workshop. Young adults from eight countries will be on hand to teach you about their homelands - it's fun and interactive!

Cowboy Crickets

James Rolin, Cowboy Cricket Farms

Yes, we said crickets. The Gallatin Valley is home to a variety of interesting agricultural operations. Cowboy Cricket Farms is one of those. Learn more about how the cricket farmers are herding millions of live animals at a time and what they are doing with them. Dig your hands right into the bins of crickets and see first-hand the process that takes live crickets and turns them into an amazing protein packed food sources.

Fact with Fiction: The Art of Visual Storytelling

Luke Duran, Element L Design

Visual Storytelling is the art of using language and images to convey a narrative account of real or imagined events. Luke Duran is a graphic artist, 4-H club leader and 4-H photography project superintendent who will share how he uses visual storytelling to communicate, both for his design clients and for his personal brand. This is a fun, interactive presentation that begins with some storytelling on how to seek and find your own passion. We will then venture out on a short photo safari to capture unique images that fuel your passion. After, we’ll pair these images with words to tell a one-of-a-kind 4-H story and present it to the audience. Stand out from the pack: tell your story in a compelling, unforgettable way! Materials: You’ll need to bring a pen or pencil to write with, and a digital camera or smartphone that can send images via AirDrop or text message. If you don’t have either let us know and we can find something for you.

Food-Systems Careers Opportunities

Irene Grimburg, Western SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education)

In this workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of interviews for developing a plan to interview professionals working in farms, labs, and food processing jobs. The focus will be on careers in agriculture including: food production, research, processing, marketing, and policy. We will visit two facilities associated to some of these careers (e.g. farms, labs, and food services). Participants will interview professionals about their careers’ opportunities and expectations. The workshop will culminate with the production of a poster to showcase career opportunities in food systems. The workshop will start at MSU, then we will drive to two facilities (up to three miles from campus) to tour the facility and interview professionals, finally we will come back to MSU for the poster production.

Snow ImPACKt

Tom Beers, Hydrologist, Montana Snow Survey

Over 80% of precipitation received in the American Rockies falls in the form of snow, which acts as a natural reservoir for summer water supplies. The Montana NRCS Snow Survey Program provides mountain snowpack and precipitation information via the SNOwpack TELemetry (SNOTEL) network in order to issue streamflow forecasts for Montana and Wyoming. Common applications of snow survey products include water supply management, flood control, climate modeling, recreation, and conservation planning. Participants will have the opportunity to hike around Hyalite reservoir to see the technology in action.

The Wool Mill Farm Tour

LaVonne Stucky, The Wool Mill

Join owner and proprietor Lavonne Stucky for a hands-on tour of the Wool Mill a fantastic operation in near by Belgrade. The wool mill has found innovative ways to showcase farming, production and agritourism on their 40 acres of family land. Participants will learn about all that goes on from sheep to finished goods. They will learn how to make and go home with a hand felted item.

Gluten Free From Farm to Fork

Montana Gluten Free is proud to be gluten free from farm to fork.  We grow, mill, package and market gluten free food in carefully monitored fields, with dedicated equipment, and in our certified facility. Get a gluten free orientation by touring our facility to learn about gluten free product food safety, baking and cooking, and food science research.

Museum of the Rockies

Spend time wandering the exhibits of the Museum of the Rockies. In addition to the amazing Siebel Dinosaur Complex and living history exhibits the museum is featuring an exhibit through September on The Real Genghis Khan and 13th century Mongolian life. Discover the real life of one of the world’s greatest civilizers – the man who gave the West passports, pants, paper money, forks, and much more.

Available during the morning session ONLY:

American Red Cross First Aid Course

Jay Schomer, Montana State University Safety and Risk

Be prepared for the unexpected. When you understand first aid, you'll gain the ability to help those in need. Learn how to respond to specific situations, which will help you care for people in crisis as they wait for medical professionals to arrive. Participants will practice a variety of first skills and act out some frequent first aid situations. If you take this session in the AM and the CPR session in the afternoon you will receive a full 2 year certification. However, you do not HAVE TO TAKE BOTH.

Boone & Crockett Scoring

Scott Francis, Montana 4-H Outdoor Education Coordinator

Are you interested in knowing more about game animals? There is much more to scoring these animals than just meets the eye. If you have them, bring along your skulls, antlers, and horns of Montana Big Game Animals to congress and learn about scoring and how it relates to conservation.

Livestock Skill-a-thon and Quiz Bowl

Custer County Livestock Quiz Bowl Team

Learn and test your knowledge of beef, sheep swine and more in a variety of ways. The industrious group of youth from Custer county will share what they have learned from traveling to different regional competitions and model what a Montana contest might look like. Get in on the ground floor of a possible new Montana 4-H State Contest.

Put It Up! Food Preservation:

Brianna Routh, MSU Extension Food & Nutrition Specialist

Have you ever been curious about canning? Come and try hands-on salsa making and canning to learn best food safety practices for knife skills and water bath canning.

Available During the Afternoon Session ONLY:

American Red Cross CPR Course

Jay Schomer, Montana State University Safety and Risk

Be prepared for the unexpected. Be prepared to deliver care when it is needed most. CPR skills can save a life in a variety of situations. Participants will learn and practice basic steps for performing CPR. If you take this session in the PM and the first aid session in the AM you will receive a full 2 year ARC First Aid/CPR certification. However, you do not HAVE TO TAKE BOTH.

Beat Stress with Mindfulness

Michelle Grocke, MSU Extension Health and Wellness Specialist

Homework, after-school job, sports, 4-H, volunteering, friends, family..... all of these are wonderful, but have you ever just simply felt overwhelmed by having so much going on? While feeling overwhelmed happens to many of us, it's important to learn the signs of stress in addition to some tools that you can use to minimize your stress. This workshop will introduce what stress does to the body, and how we can use breathing techniques and mindfulness to reduce those feelings of being overwhelmed, even when we have a LOT of things going on in our lives!  

Bobcat Den: Youth Entrepreneurship

Mandie Reed, MSU Extension Wheatland County

This hands on, fast paced workshop with introduce participants to entrepreneurial principles through fun games and group activities.  It will also provide participants with an opportunity to brainstorm, develop and receive feedback on a 4-H project that could be a business idea they may have considered.

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up

Montana State University Center for Student Success

Learn skills to start mapping out the answer to that question “what do you want to be when you grow up”.  This workshop will help you connect the dots between Who You Are, What You Believe and What You Want to Do to help set the course for the next chapters of your life with intention.