2020 Virtual Contest Information

The career communication contest will be held on the WebX virtual meeting platform. Once registered, particpants will receive a link to both a platform time and a particpant test meeting to test audio and video prior to contest time.

All interview times will take place on Monday July 6. 

Contest particpants will not be judged on video or audio quality. However judges will need to be able to communicate with participants in order to fullfill the interview judging. 

Particpants will be asked to upload the following documents in either word (keep in mind formatting may vary) or Adobe PDF. Please upload documents with your full (last, first name) in the file name. 


To allow 4‐H members to learn skills related to careers, including research, application, resume writing and nterviewing.

Career Communications Contest includes:

  • Complete the provided job application
  • Develop a cover letter and résumé
  • Participate in a job interview

The Career Communications Contest is an opportunity for members to practice the skill of applying for a job. The contest involves completing the provided job application, cover letter, résumé and completing an in person interview. To prepare, review the Career Communications Guide. 

The member selects the type of job they are applying for, but it should be one for which they currently have skills. The California 4-H Job Interview contest page has resouces that may be helpful. Look for the "California Interview Manual" and the "2019 Job Descriptions", which has useful ideas for positions you may apply for. You can also refer to your local newspaper or online job announcements to find a selection of jobs. Include the specific job you are applying for in your cover letter and job application.

Counties may enter any number of participants in Career Communications

More than one platform may be used for this event, depending on the number of contestants. Contestants will be assigned to platforms randomly.

The Career Communications contest will be held on contest day of Montana 4‐H Congress. There will be two to three (2‐3) judges per platform. Each judge will use the scoring rubric. In addition to the scoring rubric, judges will be asked to rank the contestants.

Job Application

Students will complete the provided job application (download job application here) prior to the personal interview. This job application form is fillable, but you must first download from the web viewer to your computer or device. While the application will be generic, 4‐H members are to complete the application for their intended job. Bring completed job application to the interview. Job application and examples can be found here.


Each contestant will provide a cover letter, job application and résumé to the judges prior to the start of the interview. Each participant’s résumé and application will be the result of his or her own efforts. If a contestant’s materials are found to not be their original work, the contestant will be disqualified from the Career Communications Contest. Participants are encouraged to use examples related to their 4‐H experience whenever possible when preparing their résumé.

Job Description

Please prepare a résumé for a position of your choice. Life experiences and education should be used to show that you are a good candidate for the selected job. Highlight your 4‐H experiences.

Job Interview

The interview will be conducted by one to three judges. Questions will pertain to participant’s current skill level and the specific job for which they are applying. As this contest simulates an actual job interview, spectators will not be permitted in the interview judging room.

Interview Length

The job interview may be up to 20 minutes in length. Judges will determine when the interview is finished.

Number of Presenters

This is a contest for individuals. QUESTIONS: Only judges may ask questions


Attire and grooming suitable for the specific job interview.


Contestants are encouraged to research career communications, including résumé and cover letter writing and interviewing skill. Career exploration and knowledge should be part of the research


The top placing individual or team will be awarded with a medal and certificate. The individual with the highest numerical scores will be awarded a trip to National 4‐H Congress. Delegates who previously received a trip to National 4‐H Congress may participate in the contest, but will not receive a second award trip.

Montana 4‐H Congress Participants that are 13 years of age are permittedto compete in the state contest at the discretion of the County. However, they may not be eligible for an award trip due to age requirements set by the national/regional event. They do not lose their eligibility and can compete in future years to again earn eligibility for a national award trip.

The California State 4‐H Interview Manual is an excellent resource. Please do not refer to the contest guidelines listed in this manual, just the resource information on this page.

 Updated 4/1/2018