After completing this worksheet please print and return it to your county office or complete your registration in 4honline. If you have any questions about the registration process please contact your county office. Completing this worksheet does not completing your registration for REC LAB.

Registration Information

Name:                                                                                            County:

Phone:                                                                                           Email:


Chaperone Name:                                                Chaperone County if different than your own:


Participants will be housed at the Chester High School and should bring: sleeping bag, air mattress or sleeping pad, towel and other personal items. If you do not wish to stay at the school you will be responsible for making your own lodging arrangements at your own cost.  YOUTH MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT CHAPERONE


Participants will receive a t-shirt with registration. Please circle your preferred size.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • 2X-Large


Request accommodations or inform us of special dietary or other needs: (circle all that apply)

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Other Food Allergies __________________________________________________________________
  • Latex or Other Serious Allergies: _________________________________________________________

Anything else we need to know:



If you need to request any disability accommodations or any other needs please contact Phillips County Extension prior to the event 406-654-2543.

Workshop Selections

Workshops will take place Saturday, March 23rd. Please indicate your first (1) and second (2) choice workshop for each session. Review the workshop descriptions before selecting your preferences.

SESSION 1:  Please indicate your first (1) and second (2) choice.

________        Be An Accessory to Team Building

________        Honey Bee Bootcamp

________        Poisoned Pot Luck Strikes Again

________        Marketing the 4-H Livestock Project

________        Fun In Disguise – This is a two hour workshop.  If choosing this workshop do not choose a workshop in session 2.

SESSION 2:  Please indicate your first (1) and second (2) choice.

________        Investigating the Do-Reflect-Apply of 4-H While Testing Your Boat Design

________        Clueless About Noxious Weeds

________        Capturing the Elusive Scholarship Funds

________        Laughter in the First Degree

SESSION 3: 1 hour workshop.  Please indicate your first (1) and second (2) choice.      

________        Building Your 4-H Teen Leader Forensic Kit

________        CSI (Climate Science Investigation) Examine Extreme Weather & Fossils

________        Mastering the Interrogation

________        Who Dun It:  The Burglar Wore Bare Feet

________        Trade Secrets of the Camp Craft Leader

________        Cracking the Code

SESSION 4:  1 Hour workshop.  Please indicate your first (1) and second (2) choice.         

________        Leadership First Responder

________        Present Your Evidence

________        How to WIN in the Real World

________        Games International

________        Creating the Possible

________        Poof! No Eyebrows or How I learned to love Building Campfires