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Session 1

Zumba Fitness  

Presented by Abby Majerus / Session 1 /unlimited spaces

Zumba is a Latin dance-based workout class. Wear clothing that allows for movement. No prior experience necessary as it is an instructional class. 

Range Science  

Presented by Emily Standley/ Session 1 / 20 spaces

The purpose of this workshop is to help older members develop hands-on rangeland-related activities that can be completed during project days or camps. We will cover rangeland plant identification, soils and grazing management. Participants will learn how to identify a few plants themselves and how to engage younger members in finding key characteristics for plant identification. We will discuss ways to make this sometimes seemingly dry topic interactive and engaging. We will complete a soil texturing exercise which allows members to get their hands dirty (literally!). Resources will be provided to lead this activity in the future. Finally, we will explore two or three different activities related to grazing management, which can help members see the role of ranchers as stewards of the landscape, and demonstrate basic principles of plant science.

We Connect Culture      

Presented by Stephanie Davison & Claire Downing / Session 1 / 30 spaces             

What is culture? What does it mean to you? Discover the answers to these things as you help an alien adjust to their new culture! Participants will work in small groups to make collages or other tools to help your alien feel welcome.

"Eyes" Breakers

Presented by Jessie Fulbright/ Session 1 (1hr) / unlimited spaces

Sometimes we get in a rut at club meetings, playing the same games over and over again. Come learn some new icebreakers and other games you can play at the club or the county level.  You will "see" how you can energize a room of familiar or new faces!

Bright Side to Parli-Pro 

Presented by Jennifer Fosjord   /  Session 1 (1hr) / 15 spaces 

Parliamentary procedure can be intimidating due to not having the knowledge of how it works or simply lacking experience using it. It provides an orderly way in which business can be brought before a group. Parliamentary procedure is used by most 4-H clubs to conduct their business meetings. It can be a tool to ensure each member has a say and to make certain the meeting is conducted efficiently. This workshop will make learning and practicing parli-pro more fun! Participants will create a motion potion, learn to recognize correct/incorrect usage of procedure, and key components to a meeting agenda.

Let's Manage Stress       

Presented by Lisa Gilbert/ Session 1 continued in 2 (2hr) / 20 spaces

Participants will work with mind, body, and breath to learn stress and/or anxiety management skills using guided visualization, mindful breathing, gentle movement and journaling. Participants will gain skills to assist in responding positively to life's daily challenges.

Session 2

Why Not Break Free? Thinking About Those Around You  

Presented by Cassandra Cox / Session 2 / 25 spaces

“Thistle Blossoms” A play about the effects of suicide on those around you.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the 4-H International Programs          

Presented by Stephanie Davison/ Session 2 (1hr) / unlimited spaces

Come hear about the opportunities you have to travel abroad or host someone from another country.  This is an informational session for youth, adults, county agents and anyone else who wants to know about 4-H international programs.

First Aid Kit for Animals

Presented by Colleen Buck / Session 2 (1hr) / 10 spaces / $10.00 Supply Fee

Hindsight in an emergency is always 20/20. However, when it comes to your animals, shouldn't we also have 20/20 foresight? If you own animals, chances are you will have to bandage a cut, take a temperature or heart rate at some point during your animal's life. This workshop will go over some basic supplies that should be in an animal first aid kit and it can act as a basic first aid kit for people as well. Learn the basics of animal first aid and basic vitals for horses, dogs, cats, cattle, goats, hogs, sheep and others. Participants in this workshop will leave with their very own first aid kit as we explore and discuss what should go into a kit and what we need to do if we should ever have to use the kit.

Creating Confident Cloverbuds 

Michelle Farley & Chris England / Session 2 / 20 Spaces    

Learn what ideas will help you to have a successful Cloverbud program in your club and your county.  We will share ideas for Cloverbud activities at your meetings and how to organize and initiate a Cloverbud day camp.  Most importantly we will share how we encourage and excite them about becoming a member. 

4-H Weather & Climate Youth Learning Lab

Presented by Paul Lachapelle / Session 2 / Unlimited  Spaces

The 4-H Weather and Climate Curriculum is a program developed by faculty at Montana State University and 3 other Land Grant Universities as a hands-on learning experience for ages 8-10 where the leader guides youth through 9 activities to explore and understand weather and climate connections. The curriculum has been awarded national peer-reviewed status by the National 4-H Curriculum and is linked to the Next Generation Science Standards and the Climate Literacy Framework associated with the topic. 


Session 3

Emotional Trauma and Healing 

Presented by Dr. Justin Stilson & Jordon Stilson / Session 3 / unlimited spaces

Stress manifests in the body and, if not dealt with, can cause health issues.  This workshop will help the attendees learn stress coping methods. Dr. Stilson is a doctor of Chiropractic and deals with patients every day who experience stress have become "an issue in the tissue".  With his own training and professional associations, Justin has helped many people and now he wants to help you deal with stress to help your overall health. The co-facilitator Jordan Stilson, a farmer and rancher in Fergus County, will give testimonials of how stress can affect a person's health. By the end of the workshop the attendees will have the tools and resources to help deal with emotional trauma and be able to live a happy, healthy life.

Renewable Energy         

Presented by Vicky Jo Reeves & Violet Green/ Session 3 (1hr) / 20 Spaces

We will discuss why renewable energy is so important and participants will make their very own project that represents some kind of renewable energy.

Opportunities for Your Rabbit Business 

Presented by Cassandra Cox / Session 3 / 30 spaces

This workshop will focus on marketing your rabbits, expanding your rabbit herd, rabbit agility and showmanship. A demonstration of rabbit showmanship and rabbit agility to get you started in these areas. A focus on how to start rabbit agility in your county and get others excited about it.

 Ages and Stages             

Presented by Denise Seilstad  / Session 3 (1hr) / unlimited spaces      

In this workshop we will focus on choosing appropriate activities to do with children at different developmental stages.

Pros of Parli Pro

Presented by Fergus County Gavel Team/ Session 3 / 15 spaces

Teaching and clarifying the do’s and dont’s of parli pro. Taught by the 2019 Champion Team.

How to Develop and Present a Workshop for Others      

Presented by Emily Standley / Session 3 /unlimited spaces

The purpose of this workshop is to provide members with tools to prepare and present workshops and/or presentations to a group. The workshop will be framed through the perspective of creating workshops for other 4-H members, but the skills and resources will be applicable to other audiences as well.Participants will learn how to design and present curriculum from an objective-oriented approach, using strategies such as backward design and the "Magic Formula". We will also discuss and demonstrate options for engaging a variety of learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and personality types, to help members prepare for a varied audience. Learn also about specific tools and resources available to help with workshop development, as well as strategies for improving flow and managing the room.


Presented by Michael Millward & Kodie Olsen / Session 3 continued in 4 and 5 (3 hr)  / 18 spaces       

Archery shoot with a short discussion on the history of archery, todays equipment, and proper technique/form.

Get Outside and Explore             

Presented by Dominique Woodham & Jason Oltrogge / Session 3 continued in 4 and 5 (3hr) / 30 Spaces

Get outside and explore the outdoors on a 3-mile hike through the Lewis & Clark National Forest. Explorers will begin their journey at the historic Judith Guard Station. Then, staff from MSU Extension and the US Forest Service will guide a hike to a pictograph cave, studying forestry, rangelands, wildlife, archaeology, geology and fire along the way. Come prepared with questions and an eagerness to explore!!!


Session 4

Create A Future You Love

Presented by Lisa Gilbert  / Session 4 continued in 5 (2hr) / 20 spaces

Participants will gain goal setting skills as well as clarity regarding specific goals using a variety of experiences including guided visualization, journaling and art therapy techniques in the creation of a Future Board. Participants will gain skills for setting achievable goals using a Future Board to create a visual representation of goals. Participants will leave the workshop with a tangible representation of their goals and a plan of how to achieve those goals.

Beginning Felting

Presented by Bertie Brown / Session 4 continued in 5 (2hr) / 10 spaces

Learn the basics of needle felting while creating a charming gnome. Each participant will receive a beginner felting kit of three different sized needles and felting platform. $8.00 Supply Fee

Zipper Bag Zing!             

Presented by Holly Miner & Tara Andrews/ Session 4 continued into 5 / 14 spaces / $5.00 Supply Fee

Add a little zing to your life with a monogrammed zipper bag.  Participants will use an embroidery machine to add their initial onto fabric. The fabric will be used to make a simple bag to hold pencils, markers, makeup or other items. Participants should know how to sew a straight seam and understand basic sewing terminology.  Although this workshop is for youth, adults are encouraged to attend to learn the techniques and assist with assembly steps for the bags.  Join us for some Zipper Bag Zing! Bring your own sewing machines and basic sewing supplies (scissors, straight pins, measuring tool, extra machine needles, power cord and foot). 

Extreme Teambuilding 

Presented by Campbell Barrett/ Session 4 continued in 5 (2hr) / 16 spaces

There is nothing like a little fear and uncertainty to bond a group together. Join us in learning some real team challenges that will literally force us to all work together to succeed. Enhance your communication skills, learn to think creatively, problem solve and trust your teammates in order to overcome challenges. You can use these activities with Officer Teams, Teen Councils, Camp Counselor trainings, etc.

Introduction to Modern Square Dancing

Presented by David Hinds/ Session 4 continued in 5 (2hr) / 32 spaces

Square dancing is done by groups of four couples who begin by facing one another as if standing on the sides of a square.  A wide variety of music is used in square dancing these days, from traditional country western songs to Broadway show tunes and World music. Square Dancing is a fun way to burn calories, make friends, exercise the mind and the body and laugh a lot. By the end of the workshop, the students will have learned a general understanding of Modern Western Square dancing, added to their etiquette skills, had some good mental exercise, walked about 2 miles, relieved stress and had some fun.

Leadership from a Military Perspective  

SSgt Sean Monica and other 341st Missile Wing Airmen / Session 4 continued in 5 (2hr) / Unlimited spaces

Men and women of 341st MW will present on leadership in the military and what it takes to be a part of a large team. Members communicate daily among themselves, other military teams and the local communities. Teams from the 341st Communication Squadron will offer tours of the RTFV (world communications from a single vehicle) and let participants see how we affect the missions of the wing. Also planning to have representatives from the 40th Helicopter Squadron (helo ops), 341st Civil Engineers Squadron Explosive Ordinance Section (bomb squad), 341st Security Forces Group (bearcat/HUMVEE), and Office of Special Investigations. 

4-H Stem Lab Activities  

Presented by Alice Burchak  / Session 4 (1hr) / 12 spaces / $5.00 Supply Fee

Looking for easy ways to get your 4-H members interested in science? This workshop provides fun, hands-on 4-H STEM activities for kids of all ages. Most activities tie into 4-H project areas such as entomology, plant science, electricity and wind energy. These hands-on activities are designed to instill curiosity, and critical thinking, helping kids develop the skills needed to be successful in life. They are also fun, easy to do and feature a messy factor just for you! Six different hands on science activities will be presented. Attendees will take away a 4-H Stem Lab guide and a kit for 25 participants for one of the science activities. Great, easy to set up activities for summer camps and project days. 

Looking into the Future

Presented by the 2019-2020 Ambassador Officer Team / Session 4 (1hr) / unlimited spaces

Using creative thinking, problem solving and social skills, there will be nothing standing in the way of the future. In this workshop, learn how to effectively use those skills in a team environment and achieve audience goals. Using your brain and each other, teams will be engaged in games and activities they can use as leaders in their community.


Mandie Reed/ Session 4 (1hr) / 25 spaces

Zentangle is fun and simple to learn. Learn how to create unexpected and beautiful art, even if you think you are not artistic. This relaxing process allows participants to practice focus and use their imagination. Learn this simple art you can do anywhere. All you need is paper and a pen. Participants will learn how to complete the "tangles" and will create a piece of Zentangle art.

Make a State Award Part of Your Future

Presnted by Brett Schomer / Session 4 (1hr) / 25 spaces

With a little planning and tips from this workshop a Montana 4-H state award can be in your future. State awards are meant to recognize accomplishments of 4-H members who have reached excellence in a project area. In this workshop, we will practice how to recognize and articulate your accomplishments. State award winners receive the opportunity to attend National 4-H Congress in Atlanta GA. This has been described by previous attendees as "a once in a lifetime experience!”

Session 5

Montana Cookie Farm

Presented by Adriane Good & Kim Woodring/ Session 5 / 30 spaces

If you look closely, you'll see Montana Agriculture is incredibly diverse. You might be blind to the fact a majority of cookie ingredients are grown right here in the state! In this workshop, we will look deeper into why Montana is so great for growing cookies. After that, we'll put on our safety glasses and go through the process of making our own Montana grown flour, sugar, margarine and butter to make into edible cookie dough!

Impromptu Comedy/"What's My Line"  

Presented by Kelty Raciborski & Alicia Allery / Session 5 (1hr) / 20 Spaces

Get out of your comfort zone! Learn to be a more effective and communicative leader through improv.  Laughter is the best medicine and spontaneity can lead to the most fun. So, join us for games and exercises as we learn to lead.

Swinging into the 20's   

Presented by the 2019-2020 Ambassador Officer Team/ Session 5 / unlimited spaces

Participants will learn the basics of swing dancing. With the moves learned in this workshop, they will surely be able to tear up the dance floor.

Youth Entrepreneurs    

Presented by Mandie Reed & Kara Tangedal/ Session 5 / 20 spaces

Participants will practice creating innovative solutions to presented problems. There are no right or wrong answers or boxes to stay in.  Participants can be as innovative as they wish. Participants will have the opportunity to examine a current product and work in teams to improve it to meet new needs, demands or requirements. Participants will receive the lesson plan so they can use this activity in their county.