Building Your 4-H Teen Leader Forensic Kit

J. Snedigar

Blaine Co & Pondera Teen Leaders


"Building Your 4-H Teen Leader Forensic Kit" will be for anyone wanting to explore the possibilities of being a teen leader. This workshop will allow participants to build their database of leadership skills. Participants will assess the scene, gather clues, develop a case file and become experts in their field. They will experience an arsenal of ice breakers, get-acquainted and recreation activities that can be used to enhance club meetings, county events and state events. Youth will leave with a better understanding of the characteristics of a good leader and they will have the tactical skills to be a better mentor for younger and new 4-H members.

Be an Accessory to Team Building

LibertyCounty Ambassadors


Don't "cop" out when it comes to team building games.  Investigate new ideas that will involve all your club members, old and young.  Clue in on team building activities that the Liberty County Ambassadors have used in their club activities and be prepared to be found guilty of being an accessory to team building!

Capturing the Elusive Scholarship Funds

K. Lewis


All across Montana, there's elusive scholarship funds available, but do you have what it takes to capture them?  This workshop will take you on a fact-finding mission learning to document and complete evidence recovery in order to provide a solid testimony to the private investigators that you are deserving of keeping the scholarship dollars you've captured.  You may even learn a few trade secrets for witnessing to scholarship committees as well!

Clueless About Noxious Weeds

T Lane


Mr. Green, MSU Extension Chouteau County will educate youth about identification and monitoring of noxious weeds. The workshop will promote stewardship on public and private lands. Hands on activities include an outdoor noxious weed hunt where you will search for Mrs. White top, Mr. Plumeless thistle and a variety of weeds from the Colonel Mustard family.  In addition, youth will get together for a sunflower seed spitting contest. Each youth will receive a complimentary Montana Noxious Weed Booklet.

Cracking the Code

K. Wooding

Toole County Ambassadors


Participants will become coding technicians in order to better understand how to create code on computers. Participants will learn how to manipulate and animate characters on the screen by using code.

Creating the Possible



Youth and adults will be able to let their imaginations be as creative as they wish. We will be learning different techniques for construction cards and scrapbooking. This will be helpful with club and country scrapbooks.

CSI (Climate Science Investigation) Examine Extreme Weather & Fossils

D. Woodham


Investigate the differences between weather & climate through the study of extreme weather events & fossils. Investigation teams will research an extreme weather event that could impact their community & hypothesize ways to reduce impacts. The teams will also examine how climate has shifted in our western region over time through the study of fossils as evidence of past climate.

Fun in Disguise

Blazing Saddles 4-H Club


Come explore the many uses of waste pantyhose for fun recreational games a creative play for all ages. Study in this hands-on workshop the elementary techniques to capture samples of toys and take back to your club and county. Discover clues to make your club meetings and camps exciting.

Games International

S. Davison

International Students


A series of games presented by current 4-H international students from South Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Romania, Ukraine. 

Honeybee Boot Camp

D. Woodham


Put your research & investigation skills to use in becoming an expert in honeybees! Investigation teams will rotate between stations studying evidence & learn how to: properly inspect a honeybee colony, identify honeybees & taste test honey from different nectar sources.

How to WIN in the Real World

Justin Wutzke


With Smart Goals and a good plan of action, anything is possible.  Come investigate how leadership development and opportunities can give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals.  Justin Wutzke will give you the inside look at how his experiences in 4-H, the Jaycee’s, and other organizations have empowered him to create development projects to better our communities.  You will learn the process of setting goals, making them measurable, and then the steps you need to take action and manage the project through to completion or until you reach your goal.

Investigating the DO-Reflect-Apply  of 4-H while Building a Boat

M. Reed

A. Burchak


Investigate experiential learning while designing and building boats – then see how long the boats float as are loaded down with “cargo”.  Learn by Doing” is an integral part of 4-H, but there is more to Experiential Learning than just “doing”.  This experiential activity is easily replicated during a club meeting!

Laughter in the First Degree

J. Fulbright


Is laughter the best medicine? Does a fat puppy hate fast cars?  Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?  Come investigate how laughter helps sooth the savage beast, keeps you healthy and is just plain fun.  Bring your own jokes too and be prepared to share them and leave a lasting impression on others as we have a ROFL good time!

Leadership First Responder

B. Schomer


Are you a leadership first responder? What makes a good leader? In this workshop participants will do some hands-on activities that get to the bottom of being a good leader and preparing them to be a first responder when the opportunity for leadership arises. Work out the kinks of your own leadership vision and what leadership opportunities are right for you.


Marketing the 4-H Livestock Project

K Lewis


As a 4-H livestock member, how do you make a strong first impression on that potential livestock buyer and communicate that your subject (animal) is worthy of their budget?  This workshop will walk you through the process of marketing your 4-H animal, start to finish, to provide tips and tricks for connecting with those elusive Bureau Chiefs who survey 4-H livestock on sale day. 

Mastering the Interrogation

State Ambassador Officer Team


Work with the 2018-2019 State Ambassadors to prepare 4-Hers for their toughest interrogations. Participants will work together to learn how to better their interviews learning skills such as handshaking, eye contact, preparation, being confident and how to follow-up. Have fun while becoming an expert at evading detection even during the toughest interrogation.

Poisoned Potluck Strikes Again

J. Carbajal

K Seilstad





You attended a potluck over the weekend and now a lot of people are sick. You have a feeling the illness has to do with the food that was served. During this workshop, you will investigate the scene of the potluck, identify what dishes made people sick, connect the case to a previous similar scenario and learn guidelines to prevent this from happening again. You will get to role-play many occupations and people that will give the workshop a real-life edge.

Poof! No Eyebrows or How I learned to Love Building Campfires

J. Fulbright


Aarghhhhh!!!! Have you ever gone camping and just couldn't get the fire going? Are you missing a vital clue when it comes to getting that fire going quick and easy?  Come explore different ways of making your own homemade fire starters for use on camping trips, 4-H camps, or to just have a night of s'mores.

Present Your Evidence

A Good

K. Woodring


Members who participate in this workshop will learn about developing promotional videos for 4-H events and have the chance to make their own. Members will get into small groups and use iPads provided by Teton County to make a trailer for a 4-H activity, after they learn the basics of using iMovie . Once the members have had a chance to make the trailers, they will show some of them to the rest of the group.

Trade Secrets of the Camp Craft Leader

J. Saunders


Your camp assignment is the craft division, this workshop will be great training. You will witness and practice multiple options for inexpensive wind chimes.

Who Dun It: The Burglar Wore Bare Feet

R. Younkin

S. Mills


Learn how to be a crime solver by exploring the world of the forensic scientist.  Studying a crime scene requires skills in analyzing evidence.  This workshop will explore different analyzing techniques, give you a chance to practice your investigative skills and put them all together as you try your luck at solving the crime.