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Dates: June 24—July 24, 2020

Capacity: 10 delegates maximum, 5 delegates minimum

Cost: $1,775 + airfare estimate ($1,300 - $2,000 ) + $50 travel agent fee (Airfare varies based upon applicant’s location)
Delegates arrive in Cluj for an overnight arrival orientation led by Romania 4-H, which includes an introduction to Romanian culture, basic language phrases and sightseeing. Afterwards, delegates meet their host family and begin their homestay experience, where they will immerse themselves in the everyday life and culture of their Romanian host family. Following their host family stay, delegates will gather for a four-day visit to the Black Sea. The program concludes with a departure debriefing in Cluj.

Program Fees Include:

  • Overnight National Departure Orientation in U.S. gateway city
  • Overnight arrival orientation in Cluj
  • Four-day excursion to Black Sea
  • Sightseeing and cultural excursions in and around Cluj
  • In – Romania expenses: lodging, meals, transportation
  • Orientation materials and States’ 4-H t-shirts
  • Accident & Sickness Insurance
  • A portion of adult chaperone expenses

Program Timeline:

November 15: Application & $1500 first deposit due to Montana 4-H

January: States’ 4-H notifies applicant of acceptance

January 15: $1,500 second deposit due to Montana 4-H

Late-February: States’ 4‐H issues air tickets

February 15: Medical form & passport copy due to Montana 4-H

Spring: State orientations

April 1: Third & final payment due to Montana 4-H

Late Spring: States’ 4-H Group Conference Call for Romania delegates

June 24: Students fly to a U.S. gateway city for National Departure Orientation the day before the international flight.

**First payment will not be deposited until applicant is accepted in January

Who can apply:

4-H youth who want to learn first-hand about another culture and gain a global perspective. Must be between ages 15-18 from the first day to the last day of the exchange (you must not be in college). 4-H enrollment guidelines and ages vary by state.

How to apply:

Contact your local 4-H coordinator to apply and learn about your local deadlines and to access the application.

States’ 4-H Program Policies:

  • Program Cancellations:
    • Before January 31, 2020: $300 cancellation fee. The remaining amount of first program deposit will be refunded
    • January 31 - February 15, 2020: Cancellation will equal 100% of first program deposit
    • After February 15, 2020: No refund of paid deposits
  • Airfare is non-refundable once issued
  • In-State Fees may apply
  • Unaccompanied Minor fees may apply (up to $150 each way)
  • No donor checks are accepted by the States’ 4-H Office, donors must send checks directly to the delegate
  • Program details subject to change


Q: Will a chaperone accompany the group?

A: Yes! Adult chaperones accompany the group during international travel and remain in-country to provide support during the exchange.

Q: Do I need to speak Romanian?

A: No prior language study is required, but it is certainly helpful! Our international partners have English-speaking staff on hand to assist you in communication.

Q: How will States’ 4-H prepare me for my homestay?

A: States’ 4-H provides travel handbooks that cover everything from packing lists to financial matters to cultural information. In addition, each state may conduct a spring orientation covering these topics. Delegates also receive details during the States’ 4-H group conference call in late spring and a National Departure Orientation the day before their international flight.

For more information:

(406) 994-3502

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