Summer Hosting Opportunities

Costa Rica, Japan, Finland, Norway, South Korea, IPYA (not all programs are available every year). Here is a list of the Japanese students who need hosts.

International delegates come to the United States for one month every summer. They come to experience the everyday life of families around the country. Host families must have children within two years of age as the delegate they host and the same gender. No special activities are necessary as the exchange emphasizes friendship and learning culture through immersion, not sightseeing. Delegates travel with adult chaperones who stay in-state for the duration of the exchange. Delegates have their own spending money and health insurance.

Who are the delegates?
Delegates are 12-26 years old, depending on the program. 

What will it cost our family?
This is a volunteer program so families are not reimbursed for hosting. Expenses are limited to the extra cost for food and utilities related to having another person in your home.

Do we need to plan special activities?

No. The delegates are expected to participate in family activities, to help with chores and would like to be treated as a member of the family. Planning special activities is an option, but not required.

How can I apply?

Contact the 4-H Center for Youth Development at 994-3502 or your County Extension Agent or go to to complete an application. 

For more information regarding this program please contact Stephanie Davison,