Wildlife, Level 1

This project is for young people who enjoy wildlife and for those who want to learn more about wildlife. This book introduces youth to 12 animal species. Members are encouraged to use this manual as a basis for their first year in the project but supplement it with other information about wildlife. Addition manuals are being developed for advanced levels in this project.


M 4-H Wildlife Science Level 1, 4H1044
L4-H Wildlife Science Level 1, Facilitator's Guide, 4H1045


L Montana WHEP Level 3 Manual, 5313 (Available for check out from State 4-H Office)
L Wildlife Habitat Judging Manual, 5265
S Furbearers of Montana, 5257
S Montana Big-Game Animals, 5217
S Owls of Montana, 5232
S Woodland Wildlife, 5305, $2.25
S Big Game Animals, 4HDL20
S Ducks, Geese, and Swans, 4HDL21
S Small Game and Furbearers, 4HDL22
S Upland Game Birds, 4HDL23
Web http://fwp.mt.gov/education/ecosystem/home.html

Wildlife Independent Study