As we work toward growing our Montana 4-H program alumni are one of our most valuable resources. Who knows better than a Montana 4-H alum what 4-H can offer today's youth. The Raise Your Hand campaign is designed to reach all of those 4-H alumni across the nation and reconnect them with the program that likely gave them many of the skills they use today. Use this one page guide to get started! RYH 2018 One Page Guide

It is also a contest! Raising your hand is a vote towards a $20,000, $10,000 or $5,000 award for the states with the most alumni hands raised. Use these resources to get the word out and get Montana 4-H alumni hands raised.

Raise Your Hand for Montana youth!


Social Media: Social Amplification

raise your hand website screenshotMontana 4-H will have a raise your hand post once a week for the duration of the campaign. Share these posts on your local Facebook pages and your personal pages. Here are some resources to help you create your own social media presence.
  1. Encourage your audience to share their #4HGrown experience/photos and tag other alumni asking them to raise their hand!
  2. On Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, ask consumers, stakeholders and employees to share posts and create their own posts asking their followers to raise their hand. To maximize our efforts, ask local community supporters like, banks, businesses and other non-profits to share a post on their social media pages. Example Post: Raise your hand for youth in your community to help give them the confidence, skills and leadership @4H provides: #4HGrown #Montana4HEmail them the text and image for them to post or ask them to share one of your posts…and watch the hands fly up!
  3. Tag 4‑H and Montana 4-H in your posts:
    Twitter: @4H @Montana4H
    Instagram: @National4H
    Facebook: @4‑H @Montana4H
  4. Leverage Throwback Thursday [#TBT] to inspire pride and collect nostalgic 4‑H alumni photos. Example Post: This #TBT, we celebrate #4HGrown alums! Share your @4H memories, and help us create new ones for even more youth today! Raise your hand & help #Montana4Hwin up to $20K towards local 4-H programs!

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More Social media text with images

Facebook & Instagram Images

Facebook Cover & Email Header Images



Other Tools

Email template
Send an email to families, volunteers and members asking them to raise their hand for 4-H.

Printable Voting Form
Print copies of this paper form and collect votes at county activities or in the office.

Print Ads & Flyers
Paint the town with RYH posters, flyers and ads. Hang 8.5 x 11 poster in store windows, at the bank drive through, post office and wherever people might see it and cast their vote for Montana.

Campaign Overview

There are many more assets and tools available at Login to the Marketing Resource page and click on Marketing Assets.