Become a Volunteer

The first step in becoming a Montana 4-H Volunteer is to contact your local MSU Extension County office. Use this directory to find the office closest to you. 

Volunteer Leaders are organizers, teachers and mentors to the youth in the 4-H program. Leaders work with Extension to create educational programming through club meetings, community service projects, events, activities, and learning-by-doing projects. Leaders give of their time and resources while working with the local 4-H Extension Agent to create programs in their community. To be a 4-H Volunteer Leader, you must be 19 years of age and have completed the following:

As well as, pass the leaders certification process, and be approved by MSU Extension. Leaders under 21 cannot chaperone youth on overnight trips. Re-enrolling 4-H volunteers must complete a Personal Background form annually. Check with the local county extension staff for more information on becoming a leader. There are a wide range of roles to choose from, all with varied levels of commitment.

Club Leader

The Club leader provides administrative support for a 4-H community clubs by support ing meaningful educational experiences.


Project or program volunteers have expertise in particular project areas which they teach to participants, parents/guardians, or special interest groups.  

Activity /Event

Activity or event volunteers provide leadership within a specific, short-term project or activity.

Resource Volunteer

Resource volunteers have expertise in club organization, planning and conducting activities. Local programs can benefit from event planning, accounting, fundraising and other professions.

Other Adult Volunteers 

Help with transportation, management, or recruitment. They may also serve as elected or appointed officers or committee members for the county council.